Nick + Patsy 24.06.17 – Blue Mountains trike tour

A Blue Mountains trike tour:

My wife and I went on a full day tour to the Hunter Valley with Trevor and his big yellow Harley Davidson trike. It was an absolutely fantastic day touring the wineries, drawing open-mouthed stares from all kinds of people in cars and on foot: we had so much fun!!

In fact, as that Hunter Valley trip was way back in January 2011, and we were back in Sydney for the first time since then, we decided to book Trevor and his trike again this year – but to go to the Blue Mountains instead.

Another fabulous day!!

Trevor is very knowledgeable about the places he tours to, and is able to avoid the most popular tourist areas for less crush but just as decent views – he’ll still take you to the busy places if you like though!

You can either suggest your own itinerary or you can put your trust in Trevor to take you to the most interesting, idyllic, peaceful spots around – just discuss with him what you’d like to see and off you go!!

Trevor is a very safe and considerate driver, never exceeding the speed limit and always aware of road conditions and other vehicles. On the back of a Harley trike (if you’re not used to motor bikes) you do feel exposed, but there’s no need to worry – it’s difficult to miss that big yellow machine driving near you!! On the day tours we went on, lunch was included too – at a local pub or winery or cafe or whatever takes your fancy.

Would I recommend a Troll Tour? Absolutely, even if it’s just an hour or so around Sydney.
Will I return? 100% yes!