Departure Points

We will pick up from anywhere that suits you. For example, a hotel, train station, home. The tour starts from the pick up point so please remember, if we pick you up from Parramatta, we can’t take you to Bondi Beach and return in one hour. If applicable, eg the pick up is at Circular Quay, we will email you a map of exactly where to meet.

Group sizes and bikes

We can organise tours from 1 person to large groups of people. Our Chopper 4 trikes seat up to three average sized people. The Harleys seat one passenger on the back. We only provide private tours, each tour and ride will only have the people in your group, no strangers.

Can I ride the bike myself

No. We only provide chauffeured tours where you are a passenger. We don’t hire out our motorbikes or trikes for self driving.


Passengers need be 8 years of age or older for both Harleys and trikes. No maximum age as long as the passenger is healthy.


The prices on the website are for 1 to 2 Harleys or a minimum 2 people on a trike. Multiple bike and trike discounts available so please ask for prices. 1 person on the trike will incur a surcharge.

What is and is not included in the price

Everything is included in the price: accredited riders, Harbour Bridge toll x 1 per bike, jackets, helmets, gloves, photos, GST and a fun time. There is no surcharge for public holidays or night rides. It also includes the Passenger Service Levy and government taxes. It does not include the bank fee if paying by credit card.

Payment types

All credit cards incur a 1.65% surcharge. Any credit card refund will incur the minimal bank costs. We accept bank direct deposits provided payment has been received before the ride, we also accept cash. We do not accept PayPal.

What is the dress code on the Harley Davidsons and trikes?

For your protection and safety on the Harley you must wear long pants and covered shoes, this is a legal requirement. The motor and exhaust pipes on a bike are exposed so it is for your protection to eliminate the risk of burns. On the trikes you can wear whatever you would like to.

Why do I have to let you know if I am over 100kg?

You must remember that the rider and yourself are included in the weight on the bike and we need to know so we can organise an appropriate rider and bike for your comfort and safety. If you are over 100kg you must go on a trike not a Harley.

What should I bring?

Bring sunglasses and wear sunscreen. If you prefer to bring your own jacket and or helmet that’s perfectly ok, otherwise we provide them.

Can I bring my own camera?

Yes you can. Our riders also take photos with their cameras so we can add your ride to our photo gallery.

Weather – what happens if it is raining on the day of my ride?

We understand it is not fun to ride in the rain. Please ring us at least 2 hours before the ride is due to start. The tour will be postponed to another day. You can ring the Troll Tours office whenever you know you want to postpone or cancel. If it can’t be rescheduled for another day, we will refund minus any bank fees. If you decide to go ahead with it, the rider will proceed and come and get you. If you change your mind after he has left to pick you up, the ride will not be rebooked nor refunded.

Disability friendly

We have had plenty of passengers with a disability. For eg cerebral palsy, physical, mental, intellectual impairments. We have also had blind passengers, autistic passengers, ones with MS. The trikes have seat belts but to feel more secure, the passenger can sit behind the driver and hold on to the drivers seat which has a hand rail. The only necessity is that the passengers have to be able to get on the trike. Hoists are possible as long as they raise the passenger high enough to clear the seat.

Gift Vouchers

We email or post the Gift Vouchers, depending on what is requested and how much time before it is needed. We can Express Post the gift voucher if it is required urgently for an additional $5. Otherwise we email it and you can print it from your end.

If you have received a Gift Voucher and would like to add more time and/or bring additional people along, this is possible. Just let us know what you have in mind and we’ll let you know the additional cost.

Our gift vouchers are valid for 3 years. If your voucher is about to expire, you need to book the ride before the voucher expires, for the next month. If you would like to extend the voucher for a further 2 months there is a cost of $20. If the voucher has already expired it is invalid but you can pay the rider’s wage if you’d still like to use it.

Our gift vouchers are non-refundable but they can be used by someone else if you can’t use it. If you would like to transfer it to someone else and have the voucher redone to reflect their details there is a fee of $10. The expiry date will remain the same unless you purchase additional months.

No drunk or drugged passengers

For the safety of the rider and passenger, we cannot allow drunk or drugged people on the Harleys or trike. If a passenger arrives in this state, the person will not be allowed on a bike or trike and will forfeit the money paid.


After 7.00pm, the minimum time frame is 1 hour.
45 minute rides are only applicable for our trikes (not Harleys). Pick up in the city or inner Sydney suburbs only. Exceptions may be made, please ask us.

Cancellation Policy

If a tour is booked directly through us, we give a full refund, minus bank fees. The request has to be made at least 12 hours (preferably earlier) before the ride is due to start. If booked through a third party, please contact them directly. Gift Vouchers are transferable but not refundable.

Social Media

We always do a follow up email, which includes the photos taken by the rider. If we haven’t received a reply from the customer within 5 days, we will assume it is ok to post the photos on any of our social media pages. We will automatically add a photo and tour description to our website Gallery, unless specifically asked not to.