About Us

With my mobile office – a trike or a Harley – I can help you achieve the feeling of freedom.

After years of 9 – 5 in an office, we have made a road change. This has been a dream of mine for half of my life, to enjoy the road and have others enjoy our beautiful city & country with me.

We have lived in Sydney all our lives so know the 20,000kms of city roads, over & under bridges, very well, except when we get lost.

And I do live in a house not under a bridge, though I have been known to picnic under them!

Where do Trolls Live?

Trolls may live anywhere. Some Trolls live under bridges, but according to legend, those Trolls are not very friendly. You can find Trolls living in forests, caves, gardens, backyards, the garage, even in your house. In some places, people believed that Trolls could be as big as mountains so you would need to be very careful walking or hiking in the mountain areas. You certainly wouldn’t want be caught by one of the mountain Trolls. Most thump their way around but we, being an advanced evolutionary Troll, use Harleys or trikes. No thumping for us.

Norway used to be the place many Trolls made their home. They nestle in the high peaks of mountains near the Fjords. Some of these Trolls are nuisances to the farmers and peasants. Some Trolls are mean and nasty. These are the Trolls you should stay away from. Trolls don’t see very well. They are as blind as a bat and can’t see their own hand in front of them. Trolls hate the daylight. If they are caught in the sun, they will turn to stone. The worst thing you could ever do to a Troll is be happy. They hate happiness and things that make people happy. So be careful not to be too happy, you might make a Troll mad. If you do, a Troll will not take kindly to you and may gobble you up.

Australian Trolls are just like people convicts. They were sent from Scandinavia when they were too good. If they tried to help people across the street, give people or other Trolls something nice or even if they just smiled. It wasn’t right. So they were sent across the high seas to the great open sunny country of Australia. AusTROLLia is what the mother country calls it. There they found even better bridges, caves, gardens, houses to live in. They love the sun & have developed great eyesight. And they can smile, be good & friendly as much as they like. But just watch out when you take the TROLL TOUR, if THE TROLL’s shadow moves to the wrong side…..