Evonne 21.07.17 – Son’s of Anarchy Harley ride

Son’s of Anarchy Harley ride

Evonne rang to say she had the best surprise ever. She told Perry the rider that she loved the Harley ride but wanted to ring the company (Troll Tours) to say how much she loved the experience.

Her husband surprised her with the Harley ride because she is addicted to watching “Sons of Anarchy”. The Harley had to be black and the rider had to look like a bikie. We provided both and she was just happily stunned. Her husband didn’t think she’d want the whole hour but she sure did. Evonne loved it!

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Evonne loves Son’s of Anarchy Harley ride – the TV series. While they were in Sydney for a holiday, her partner Matthew thought it would be a great idea to surprise her with a Harley ride. It had to be a black Harley (they do look tough & anarchy[ish]) so we sent Pez.

After the ride Matthew rang us to say Evonne had such a great time. Then Evonne got on the phone – “I just want to thank your company and Pez for such a fantastic Son’s of Anarchy Harley ride. I had the best surprise and would love to, make that will do, it a ride again!” We are very happy Evonne had such a great ride and more than happy to take her on another fantastic Harley ride!