Gal + Julia 26.08.17 – Pie in the Sky, Cowan

Pie in the Sky, Cowan
Hi Katrina
Girls had a lovely time really enjoyed themselves as the photos show. Thanks again to Syl he was fantastic.
Happy for you to you use the photos on social media.
Cheers and thanks for organising at the last minute!
Pie in the Sky, Cowan was a great stop to have a coffee and stretch the legs. Gal is Brazilian and doesn’t speak much English and is in Sydney visiting her family. Her son-in-law organised the trike tour for her and his wife, to do something fun and memorable. Syl picked them up from their home on the north side of Sydney, took them for a ride along the Old Pacific Highway to Pie in the Sky, Cowan. The son-in-law followed them and they all stopped for a coffee and a stretch. Then Syl took them further on to Brooklyn with its beautiful views of The Hawkesbury River. At first, Gal didn’t want her photo taken but she was having so much fun she now wants her friends to see her on the trike on our FB page!