QT Sydney 13.10.17 – corporate get together

Hi Katrina,

Yes, they were so surprised. They all expected a hummer or limo! Haha

We all had such an amazing time and all the guys were awesome! Photos look great too!

Of course you can use the photos on social!

Thanks again for an awesome day!

QT wanted to organise a corporate get together in Sydney, for their staff. It was a surprise for the employees and what a great one it was! The Harleys and trikes all met up and when the staff came around the corner they received a huge yet pleasant surprise. None of them were expecting to go on a Harley or trike ride that day but were so happy they did. Our riders drove them around the city and the Eastern Suburbs and beaches including Clovelly, Bronte, Tamarama before dropping them off at a Bondi Beach restaurant for lunch.

They all had such a great experience, it really was a company bonding time especially when unexpected. So, if you want to organise a corporate get together in Sydney, maybe a Harley ride is a good opener to a fabulous day.