Angela + Jhanna 30.11.17 – Harley tour in Sydney Australia

Hi Katrina,
Harley tour in Sydney Australia – yes! We had a freaking blast! I told my 20 year old daughter that I booked a really cool tourist activity and she cringed for a few days until she walked out and realised it was a Harley ride.
Thanks so much. George (Jungle) and Phil were so great. I am all over Facebook promoting you guys so yes please – use  whatever you like!
Ange and Jhanna

Our passengers made a last minute decision to do a Harley tour in Sydney Australia. They booked the day before and we were able to organise the ride for them. In Sydney on a holiday, the Harleys were a great way to see the sights of the city including Bondi Beach and Centennial Park.

They loved Jungle and Phil, our riders and had a great experience. So a Harley tour in Sydney Australia is great idea if you’d like to do something a bit different.