Crissy 25.01.18 – Harley ride Sydney bucket list

Crissy is an adrenaline junkie and a Harley ride was on her Sydney bucket list. Jungle picked her up from Circular Quay and she loved it from the very first second. Says Jungle: “She would would scream out loud at times, waved at everybody and said she could do this ride every day. She loved the Harley, kept telling me to open it up (I did at times when I thought it was safe, said she loved the sound (and the Jungle).

Crissy was a great pillion, I would take her for a ride anytime.

We went to Blues point for photos, Crows Nest, River Road, under Figtree Bridge, she loved it under there, over Gladesville Bridge around Henley Marine Drive to Rodd Point back around Henley Marine Drive over Iron Cove Bridge, then fought the traffic back to Circular Quay”.

So if you have a Harley ride Sydney bucket list we will make it so much fun you won’t want to take it off your bucket list, you’ll keep it on there so you can do another one!