Family Fun 24.02.18 – 70th birthday family fun

70th birthday family fun

Hi Katrina,

The day was awesome everyone had a great time, the kids loved it and my father in law said he’d never forget it.
I don’t mind if you put the photos on social media that is fine.


Julie said “My father-in-law is 70 wanted to do something different with the family”, so she organised a trike ride for her father-in-law and family. They drove into Sydney so our trike riders picked them up near Darling Harbour and took them on a ride of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and for a spin around the city. They were dropped off back at Darling Harbour so they could continue celebrating with a lunch cruise on the harbour. They had such a fun experience and would do it again.

For a 70th birthday family fun experience, or any number birthday, a trike ride really is something memorable.