Annette + Vincent 23.03.18 – Harley ride to celebrate 60th birthday

Hi Katrina,
Sorry for the delay we have only just returned home. You are more than welcome to put it on your website, I will write a review on Facebook and Trip Advisor in the next couple of days. I am so glad that we had the bikes and not the trikes. Many thanks for all your help and it really made my husband’s birthday.

Kind regards

Annette organised a Harley ride to celebrate 60th birthday of her husband. She wrote to us “It is for my husband’s 60th Birthday, it is a surprise. Thinking of doing the 2 bikes we have both never been on a Harley before so very apprehensive. If I do decide to change to trikes how much notice would I need to give?”. As we told Annette, 98% of our passengers have never been on a Harley or trike before and they love it. Sometimes they are apprehensive but after the first 5 minutes they love it.

Needless to say, Annette and Vincent loved the Harley ride and were not scared at all. Our riders are all professionals who make them feel confident and comfortable on the Harleys. Vincent loved his Harley ride to celebrate 60th birthday.