Neil + Gayle 27.03.18 – 3 bridges trike tour

A 3 bridges trike tour was something Neil + Gayle really wanted to do so we organised for them to go on the ride. Syl picked them up from Circular Quay and drove them over the Sydney Harbour Bridge, then through the north shore to inner west suburbs and the Gladesville Bridge. From this bridge there are wonderful views of Sydney Harbour from the west to the Harbour Bridge, something most visitors to Sydney don’t get to see. Then we do s detour off Victoria Road and travel around the ‘Bay Run’. The ‘Iron Cove Bay Run’ is a social, family-friendly walk in the inner-west of approx 7kms in length. It is extremely popular and it is interesting to watch the joggers, the dogs or the meanderers all doing their own thing. Also, the scenery is very pretty.

Then we joined back onto Victoria Road so we could travel over the ANZAC Bridge. It is magnificent, a real achievement in itself but the views over Sydney Harbour are also beautiful. Then we dropped our passengers back at Circular Quay. They had a wonderful time.