Morag + Shaun 01.04.18 – Harley ride around Sydney

The Harley ride around Sydney was bought by Morag, who is on holidays from Scotland, for her son who is living in Brisbane. Morag used to have her own Harley but said the weather in Sydney is much better for bike riding. She’s not wrong! Phil and Gad drove them over the Sydney Harbour Bridge, to Blues Point, around the Kirribilli Loop. Then they went down to the beautiful Spit lookout on the north side, past Balmoral Beach, past the zoo to Bradleys Head. Sometimes we can see koalas as we drive past the zoo. They drove back over the bridge to Woolloomooloo, Kings Cross and back to Hotel.

They said, “it was a very enjoyable, memorable Harley Tour this morning, Shaun and I both really enjoyed it”. We agree, a Harley ride around Sydney is a wonderful and memorable experience to do.