Elif 19.05.18 – Harley tour present Blue Mountains Sydney

Elif was given the Harley tour present Blue Mountains Sydney from a friend. She was so nervous that she postponed once but realised she had to do it eventually. Rock picked her up from Katoomba Railway Station and took her on the ride of her life. In Rock’s words:

“This young lady was so nervous.
When she 1st mounted the bike I could hear her breathing so fast, I had to tell her to take deep breaths.
Her grip on me was like a constrictor.

Our 1st stop she told me she had her eyes closed & was crying.
The second stop she said her eyes were open & no tears.
Stopped had a coffee & a chat, leaving there on the way home she wasn’t even holding me & was all smiles”.

Another convert to the Harley life. ?