ADAMA 07.06.18 – Harley, trike, sidecar tour Bondi to Bridge Climb Sydney

HI Trevor,

Thank you so much for all of your efforts – they had a great time and thankfully the weather worked with us on that day!!

I have just gotten back on deck and then have a couple of days off again from tomorrow but will try and get to reviews etc by next week……

Thanks so much again Trevor it was a pleasure working with you.


We liaised with our client for a while to organise the Harley, trike, sidecar tour Bondi to Bridge Climb Sydney. The passengers came from all over the globe so we really wanted them to love Sydney. The ride was organised for yesterday but the weather was inclement. It was pouring rain so the ride was moved to today. We had to use a Hummer to accommodate the extra passenger numbers. Everyone had a wonderful experience, we stopped half way through the tour so passengers in the Hummer could swap to the Harleys, trikes or sidecar. We love it when everyone experiences something they never expected. This ride was organised as a surprise for the passengers from the company they work for.

We picked them up from Crowne Plaza Coogee Beach, Sydney. The Troll Tours riders rode the passengers to Bondi Beach for a photo stop. Then they drove around the city to finish at the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb. Everyone had a great time, the riders and passengers alike.