Jo, Viki + husband 18.08.18 – Harley ride over Sydney Harbour Bridge

The Bledisloe Cup brought a few visitors to Sydney and some of them decided they wanted to do a Harley ride over Sydney Harbour Bridge. Jo had been to Sydney for the Bledisloe Cup 11 years ago when the she’d missed out doing the Harley ride then – the women had gone shopping while the men did a Harley ride. She had always wished she had been on the Harley ride and always remembered what a great time the men had. She remember Troll Tours and rang us up when she got to Sydney.

Jungle, Pez and Gary picked the passengers up from their hotel after they had been shopping all morning – it is possible to shop and do a Harley ride while in Sydney, even for a short time. 🙂 They rode over the Sydney Harbour Bridge to Blues Point Reserve. Jo had seen photos on our website about this area and wanted to see it herself. It is a good area to see the beautiful Sydney Harbour from.

A Harley ride over Sydney Harbour Bridge is a great way to see the famous sights of Sydney. Contact us and we’ll organise the ride of a lifetime!