Hajnalka + Jessica 09.09.18 – surprise trike ride transfer Manly

Great day with a cool yellow Harley Davidson

We had a great time cruising around the magnificent North Sydney shores with our driver, Craig. The booking process was easy and friendly and everything was setup on the day as previously discussed. I would recommend this trip to anyone who wants a special experience while discovering some of the best beaches in NSW.

Thank you again to team Troll Tours!

Hi Katrina
Thanks for reaching out. We had an amazing day and the weather was just perfect. Everything turned out as planned and yes Hajnalka had a great surprise. Craig was awesome.

Please don’t put our pictures on social media but I have gave a 5 star rating on Tripadvisor ☺️
All the best.

Jess and her wife had organised to have lunch in Manly and Jess thought it would be a lovely surprise to organise a trike to take them home. So after lunch they met Craig at the preorganised pick up place and he took them home via the scenic route. They did an adapted version of the North Shore Skimmer which included some very scenic views of the Pacific Ocean. Hajnalka did get a big surprise but it was a great surprise and a wonderful way to finish a relaxing and happy day.

We have had a lot of experience creating surprises. If you are thinking about organising a surprise trike ride transfer Manly, Bondi, anywhere in Sydney (including the outer suburbs) contact us for ideas. We can also pick up from home and drop off at the lunch, dinner or party.