Adilah 10.09.18 – Harley tour around the 3 Bridges Sydney

Adilah wanted to do a Harley tour around the 3 Bridges Sydney while she had the chance. She is here for work and decided to take a break from the daily grind. Jungle picked her up from her hotel and took  her on the ride. Firstly they went over the Sydney Harbour Bridge and stopped at Kirribilli to look at the beautiful view across the harbour to the Sydney Opera House. They continued on through some of the lower north shore suburbs until they arrived at the Gladesville Bridge. It has a wonderful view to the city and the Harbour Bridge, from the western perspective. They continued down Victoria Road and did a detour off to follow part of the Bay Run. It is a 7km path which follows Iron Cove Bay and is very popular with runners, cyclists and walkers. They rode over the incredible ANZAC Bridge before Adilah was dropped back at her hotel.

She was nervous to start with and Jungle could feel her holding on tight. He said to her “you will soon relax” and she did. She is from Singapore and it is very different to Sydney and she absolutely loved the ride, she said it was definitely worth the money. We do recommend a Harley tour around the 3 Bridges Sydney because you see different views to the usual but having said that, anywhere in Sydney is a great to do a Harley ride. There are wonderful views everywhere.