Ashlee, Beverly + Kelly 22.09.18 – trike tour for grandma’s 80th birthday

Kelly organised the trike tour for grandma’s 80th birthday and her sister came as well. The three passengers sat cosily but comfortably on the back of the trike while Craig took them on the 3 Bridges ride. They were picked up from their hotel (some were from Queensland) and driven over the Sydney Harbour Bridge to Blues Point Reserve. They stopped here so Craig could take some photos and then they continued on over the Gladesville Bridge. This bridge is the largest of a complex of three bridges, including Fig Tree Bridge and Tarban Creek Bridge, so this ride actually goes over 5 bridges. We call it the 3 Bridges ride because these we travel over the 3 main bridges in Sydney, there are plenty more.

After the Gladesville Bridge and a detour around the Bay Run, they drove over ANZAC Bridge, through parts of the city to the drop off point. They all had such a fun time and want to do it again for grandma’s 90th birthday!