Jamie, Nikki + Tia 23.09.18 – Beach Beauty Trike tour Sydney

Nikki rang us the day before asking if we could fit a ride in for her and her family. We could so we organised the Beach Beauty Trike tour Sydney. Craig picked up Jamie, Nikki and Tia for the ride and took them via some of the beautiful northern beaches. They brought a picnic with them so ate it at Palm Beach and Craig also took them for a visit to the Bible Garden. If you are interested please see last paragraph for more information about the Bible Garden.

Jamie, Nikki and Tia all had such a great experience and thought Craig was wonderful. Our riders are rather good we do admit. 🙂 So if you’d like to see something different to the usual we can show you the sights. The northern beaches are beautiful in Sydney and there are plenty of them. Palm Beach is 42 kms north of the city, to Balmoral Beach which is 10 kms north of the city. We can organise a ride to suit your time frame and budget.

The Palm Beach Bible Garden was designed and planned with plantings laid out in biblical chronological order, commencing with plants at the top of the slope mentioned in the book of Genesis and ending with a plant at the lowest point of the site representing immortality, Helichyrisum oriental. Many of the plants were germinated from seeds which had been imported from overseas by Mr Robinson because these sorts of plants were generally not well represented at local nurseries. During the 1960s Gerald Robinson worked three days a week planting the garden, building stone retaining walls and steps and maintaining what he had already created. Apart from the biblical plants he installed ten lamps commemorating Bible. The first six refer mainly to the Old Testament and the last four the New. The surviving lamp, the ninth, is dedicated to St Peter and St James, two of Jesus’ disciples.