Adrian + Heather 30.09.18 – trike tour is great for blind people

A trike tour is great for blind people!

Good morning Katrina,

Adrian has a blast! He raved about the ride the whole day. We were discussing the weekend while waiting at the airport on Monday night and it melted my heart when he said the ride was the highlight of the weekend.  Thank you!
As for Craig he is an amazing person and an asset to the company.  He was brilliant with Adrian, was not fazed by the fact he could not see, pointed outplaces of  interest, chatted the whole time about what was around us, pointed out things like the abundant footy decorations ect. When we got back I would have loved to have given him a tip to go and have a beer or something on us, , sadly I did not have money on me 🙁 as I did not bring more than the room key and my phone with me on the ride.
By all means use the photos and I will definitely post on social media.
Once again thank you for helping to make our weekend special.

Regards Heather

A trike tour is great for blind people, it uses all their other senses. They can feel and hear the trike; the motion, the vibration, the roar of the motor. Heather organised the trike ride as a surprise for her blind son. Craig picked them up from their hotel in the Sydney before heading across the Sydney Harbour Bridge to Blues Point for a photo. They drove to Jeffrey’s Wharf, Kirribilli for more photos looking across the harbour to the Sydney Opera House. A quick look at Neutral Bay before heading back through the Harbor Tunnel.

Craig then went via Centennial Park to Bronte, Bondi Beach before returning to their hotel. They loved the whole experience, this is what Heather wrote later: