Melissa + Karen 17.11.18 – Harley ride birthday celebration

Melissa wanted a Harley ride birthday celebration, not just a normal birthday celebration. Jungle and Phil picked them up from the Maritime Museum at Darling Harbour. They rode over the Sydney Harbour Bridge to the north side where they did the Kirribilli Loop. It has wonderful views across Sydney Harbour to the Opera House and a closeup side view of the Harbour Bridge. They continued on and did the 3 Bridges Harley ride.

The rode over the Gladesville Bridge which is very high up and saw the wonderful views towards the Harbour Bridge and the city. They turned off Victoria Road and followed part of the Bay Run around the Parramatta River and Iron Cove. Then they rode onto the incredible ANZAC Bridge, a bridge we never get tired of. Then they rode through the city before being dropped back at the Maritime Museum at the end of the Harley ride.