Tanzeem 02.12.18 – Harley tour around 3 Bridges

A Harley tour around 3 Bridges was the final decision between Tanzeem and Jungle. Tanzeem has been working in Sydney for 17 months but hasn’t seen much. He decided a Harley tour would be the way to see some parts of Sydney he had never seen. Jungle picked him up at Circular Quay but before the ride they discussed where to go. Tanzeem decided to do a Harley tour around 3 Bridges. He works in the city and knows it very well so riding around a different area was a good idea. Our riders are always happy to give suggestions and ideas of routes.

It is a great ride because you will see views and areas of Sydney that most visitors to Sydney do not see. The views are great and really shouldn’t be missed if possible.

The Gladesville Bridge has views from the inner west along the Parramatta River to the Sydney Harbour Bridge. You can also see the Sydney Harbour Bridge from the amazing ANZAC Bridge. This is our second most popular tour and we know why! If you’d like to do a trike tour of 3 Bridges Sydney just contact us. We’d be happy to organise a rider on a trike or maybe a couple of Harleys would suit you better.