Brett + Lauren 28.2.18 – Harley ride Watsons Bay Sydney

Harley ride Watsons Bay Sydney

Lauren organised a Harley ride Watsons Bay Sydney for herself and Brett. It was a great idea for a Christmas present. They have been looking at Harleys in a dealership and thinking it would be fun to buy one. They had never been on a bike so Lauren thought it a good idea to experience it first.

Jungle and Pat picked them up from Circular Quay and took them on a ride through the city. Around the Royal Botancial Gardens, past Mrs Macquarie’s Chair to Wolloomoolo and through the infamous Kings Cross. Next was a nice ride through the eastern suburbs to the pretty Watsons Bay and The Gap. Then they rode past a packed Bondi Beach before being dropped off at Icebergs, Bondi Beach.

For those who follow the NRL, we found out later that our passenger is Brett “Noddy” Kimmorley. He was an Australian former professional rugby league footballer of the 1990s and 2000s.

Lauren wrote: Hello Katrina,
Thank you so much for sending these through (photos). It was such a great day. We just loved it. Happy to have any of these on the website. We posted stuff on Instagram but we couldn’t find you guys to tag you into it. Would love to be apart of a ride again.
Lauren and Brett

A Harley ride Watsons Bay Sydney or anywhere actually, is a fun, unforgettable experience.