Jennifer + Sam 23.03.19 – surprise 60th birthday Harley tour

surprise 60th birthday Harley tour

Jennifer emailed wanting to organise a surprise 60th birthday Harley tour. It was for her husband and she decided to go as well. Yes, we certainly could arrange it.

Jungle and Phil picked them up at their hotel in North Sydney. They firstly did the Kirribilli Loop. This meant they stopped at Jeffery St Wharf for photos. It is a very memorable place to stop as the views across Sydney Harbour to the Sydney Opera House and Sydney city are beautiful.

The Kirribilli Loop then means we take our passengers under the northern end of the Harbour Bridge. It gives a very different but fun perspective to the usual travelling on top view.

Next they rode to Bradleys Head. This means they ride down the hill past Taronga Zoo. Often you can see the koalas sleeping or eating as you go past. The bottom of the road at Bradleys Head is another wonderful view across the harbour.

The next destination was Balmoral Beach. A very well known area which most Sydneyites know about. You need to be wealthy to live here. It has a nice swimming beach and views across the the Sydney Heads.

Their time was nearly up so they turned around and headed back to North Sydney and their hotel. The surprise 60th birthday Harley tour was a real success. Sam got a huge surprise and loved every minute of the experience.

Bradleys Head

is a headland protruding from the north shore of Sydney Harbour, within the metropolitan area of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. It is named after the First Fleet naval officer William Bradley. The original Aboriginal inhabitants belonged to the Borogegal clan of the Eora nation, and was known as Borogegy, Booraghee, Booragy or Burrogy. Also on the headland is an active lighthouse, Bradleys Head Light, constructed in 1905