3Bridges Community 23.10.19 – trike ride for disabled children

trike ride for disabled children

A few times every year, we organise a trike ride for disabled children. They absolutely love it, the children, young adults and adults receive a real feeling of freedom.

The adults with disabilities trike ride is fun for all. A few times a year 3Bridges Community organises the rides with us. The passengers and the staff all love the trike ride so much.

Centennial Park

Our trike rider Brian meets them at Centennial Park and takes a few at a time on a ride around the park. Because of privacy we won’t show the adults with disabilities trike ride photos.

However, the two hours was up so quickly. The trike ride for disabled children was a huge success.


“Hi Katrina,
We had a fabulous time today and Brian was fabulous. Would you please send me a receipt when you get the chance?  Thanks so much!” Michelle ?

Centennial Parklands

Here is some interesting information about the beautiful. The Centennial Parklands started out as a reserve to protect the central ponds and swamps which formed early Sydney’s water supply. When it was superseded by the Nepean water supply system in the 1880s it was decided to create a large park, which opened as Centennial Park in 1888.

In addition, part of the funding was to come from selling off residential lots adjacent to the park, however, this did not occur until 1904 when 101 acres (41 ha) of land along the western border was subdivided. Therefore, to ensure high standards of residential development, strict requirements were imposed. No wooden buildings or terrace homes were allowed; brick or stone were mandated, with tile or slate roofs.

Between 1905 and 1925, a wide range of substantial, quality homes were built, featuring a mixture of Federation, Arts and Crafts, Victorian and Old English styles.