Lori 09.12.19 – Eastern Panorama Harley tour

Eastern Panorama Harley tour

Lori is from Texas and wanted to do something special. She is in Sydney for a holiday. Yes, we should say Australia but Sydney is now Lori’s highlight. Actually it is not Sydney, it is us, Troll Tours. ? The Eastern Panorama Harley tour was a real eye opener and an unforgettable experience!


Before I had a chance to put her ride on our website, before I sent a follow up email, Lori wrote:

“Hi Katey,
I just wanted to take a minute to let you know what a fab time I had!  Phil made my trip an amazing and it truly was the highlight of my vacation.

Besides being on the back of an awesome fat boy, Phil was great fun.  I learned a lot – like Woolloomooloo has 8 O’s. 

Later today will write up something on trip advisor but I wanted you to know how great my experience with Phil was.  

the Eastern Panorama Harley tour

Phil picked Lori up from her hotel in the Sydney CBD. Firstly, they rode across the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Look up and enjoy the view of the arch and the rivets. It is wonderful to see without a roof or walls inhibiting the view.

Kirribilli Loop

After that, they stopped at Jeffrey Street Wharf for a look at the beautiful view. Look across Sydney Harbour to the Sydney Opera House – for instance, it is one of the most iconic buildings in the world. You’ll also see the Harbour Bridge from a different perspective.

They rode under the north side of the bridge and continued on their tour. The underside of the northern end of the SHB – Sydney Harbour Bridge – is very interesting.

The Kirribilli Loop was finished by riding past Luna Park and the North Sydney Olympic Pool. Riding on, they rode back over the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge.

south eastern suburbs

They headed into the south eastern suburbs. Firstly, it was through the lovely Centennial Park. Next, it was past Bronte Beach to the most famous beach in Sydney – Bondi Beach. They stopped for a stretch and some photos and then they continued on.

They headed through the posh Eastern suburbs of Rose Bay, Double Bay and Rushcutters Bay. This led to the infamous Kings Cross and the now, very in demand, Woolloomooloo. Home of the iconic Harry’s Cafe De Wheels.

However, time was up so Phil had to take Lori back to her hotel. In conclusion, the Eastern Panorama Harley tour was a huge success!!