Deb 18.12.19 – Beaches Bridges Harley tour

Beaches Bridges Harley tour

Deb is from Yorkshire in the UK. She is in Sydney on holidays and wanted to see some of the interesting yet less touristy parts of Sydney. So she organised a three hour Beaches Bridges Harley tour with us.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Or Harley rider Phil, picked Deb up from her hotel in the Rocks. Firstly, they rode over the Sydney Harbour Bridge. It’s a fabulous view of the bridge from the back of a Harley. There is no metal to ruin your view.

Kirribilli Loop

Next, they stopped north of The Bridge near Jeffrey Street Wharf. The view across Sydney Harbour to the Sydney Opera House and the CBD are spectacular. After the photo stop, they did the Kirribilli Loop.

You’ll also see the Harbour Bridge from a different perspective. They rode under the north side of the bridge and continued on their tour. The underside of the northern end of the SHB – Sydney Harbour Bridge – is interesting.

Bradleys Head Amphitheatre

The Kirribilli Loop rides past Luna Park and the North Sydney Olympic Pool. Riding further, they rode past Taronga Zoo. If you are lucky, you will see koalas asleep or eating their dinner of gum leaves. This road leads to Bradleys Head Amphitheatre which is an exceptionally popular lookout in Sydney Harbour National Park. The views of the Sydney Opera House, the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Fort Denison are breathtaking.

Spit Lookout

Following the backs roads, they came to the pretty and posh Balmoral Beach. After driving past, the next stop was the Spit Lookout. Yet more beautiful views.

Further on was the Wakehurst Parkway, which we love. The speed limit is higher than most of Sydney and it is surrounded on both sides by trees. You’ll feel like you are out in the bush.

Time was starting to run out so they headed back south. Riding along Warringah Rd, over the Roseville Bridge to the lovely waterside suburb of Northbridge.

the 3 Bridges Tour

At North Sydney here they ‘picked up’ the 3 Bridges Tour. It was time for another stop and a quick refresher. Then it was time for a ride over the Gladesville Bridge and the amazing ANZAC Bridge.

However time was up so Phil dropped Deb back at her hotel. In conclusion, the Beaches Bridges Harley tour was a huge success. Before we even had a chance to write a follow up email, Deb wrote to us:

“My tour was excellent thank you guys, especially my lovely fellow Yorkshireman Phil”.
Cheers Deb