Vicky 22.12.19 – bridges eastern Harley tour

bridges eastern Harley tour

Vicky wanted to find out what it feels like on a Harley. Her brother and some family are coming to Sydney next year and her brother loves Harleys. The bridges eastern Harley tour was a great way to see so much of Sydney.

She was doing a test ride to check out which would be the best ride for them. Vicky was thinking two trikes but now maybe two Harleys and one trike.

Anzac Bridge, Bondi Beach, Coogee & Clovelly beaches

Rock picked her up from her home in the inner west. Firstly, they rode across the amazing Anzac Bridge. It is almost like riding in the sky. They cut though the cross city tunnel, to Bondi Beach in the eastern suburbs. Next they headed south along the coastline to Coogee & Clovelly beaches.

An about turn, to head north, following the coast back up to Bondi Beach for a stop at Bondi rescue life savers. Made famous by the TV series. From there, they still followed the coast to South Head. Here, you will see Watsons Bay and the beautiful but sad ‘The Gap’.

Mrs Macquaries Point

Traveling west, they rode back into the city taking a spin around Mrs Macquaries Point. The views of the Sydney Opera House with the Harbour Bridge as a back drop, is like none in the world – just gorgeous. Fort Denison on Pinch Gut Island can also be seen in Sydney Harbour.

After tearing themselves away from the view, they got back on the Harley & rode over the old coat hanger – the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

They continued riding on through North Sydney and Crows Nest before joining River Road. It is a fun road to ride on through some lovely old suburbs of Sydney. River Road leads to Burns Bay Road which, in turn, leads to another bridge but not one of the main three.

Fig Tree Bridge – an extra!

The Fig Tree Bridge opened in 1963 and spans the Lane Cove River. They continued on and crossed the second of the bridges Tarban Creek Bridge. This spans Tarban Creek. Then they rode onto the second of the main 3 Bridges, the Gladesville Bridge. It has wonderful views along Parramatta River towards the Harbour Bridge and the city.

Gladesville Bridge

This bridge is on the main arterial thoroughfare of Victoria Road. They travelled along for a short while before turning off into the inner west suburb of Drummoyne. They followed the shoreline of Iron Cove which is part of the Parramatta River. It is also part of the 7 km long Bay Run.

However, time was up so Rock dropped his passenger off at their home. In conclusion, the bridges eastern Harley tour was a huge success. Vicky is going to organise a ride for her family next year.