Del 11.01.20 – 80th birthday Harley tour

80th birthday Harley tour

Del has done some sort of ride on each of her ‘0’ birthdays since she turned 50. Her son-in-law rang us and organised a 80th birthday Harley tour. Yet another ride for and ‘0’ birthday, her first Harley one!

Pat picked her up from the inner west of Sydney. Firstly they rode through the city and over the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Secondly, make sure you look around at the amazing structure, you’ll get a better view without a roof and four walls surrounding you. Thirdly, check out the arches. More than 6,000,000 rivets were used to assemble the various plates on the bridge.

Next they rode along the main north shore thoroughfare – Military Road. This took them through the well-to-do suburbs of Mosman, Beauty Point and over the Spit Bridge. The Spit has lovely views of Middle Harbour.

After that, they reached famous Manly. They drove through the suburb and along the road in front of Manly Beach. It is a lovely clean sandy beach, with the iconic pine trees.

Continuing on, they rode through Queenscliff and Freshwater and onto the Headland. This is where the Harbord Diggers is. They stopped for photos and to admire the view of the Tasman Sea.

However, time was nearly up so Pat headed to the drop off point, Newport Arms. The rest of the family had followed them in three cars. The food is good at the Newport Arms so they were going to continue the 80th celebrations with lunch. In conclusion, the 80th birthday Harley tour was a big success:


Hi Katrina,
Thanks for your email with the photos.

Del had an awesome experience and enjoyed the feeling on being in the back of a Harley with her driver Pat. She’s done a different ride every birthday ending in a ‘0’ since her 50th!

Kind regards,