Croft Family 24.02.20 – Sydney Harbour Harley Tour

A Sydney Harbour Harley Tour was organised by a group of Pommies. Honestly, Pommie is a term of endearment. One couple is living here, the other couple are on holidays. They wanted something interesting to do and we sure provided it.

Firstly, our Harley riders met the passengers outside a hotel in The Rocks. Secondly, they rode through the Rocks and over the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge

We always tell our passengers to look up and enjoy the unique view. The view of the arches is fantastic without a metal roof over your head. Surprisingly, the rivets are interesting and the arch is so iconic. More than 6,000,000 rivets were used to assemble the various plates on the bridge.


Next, after riding across the Harbour Bridge they rode past Kirribilli House. Kirribilli House is the secondary official residence of the Prime Minister of Australia. After that, they rode around the corner to Jeffrey Street Wharf. From here, the views across Sydney Harbour towards the Sydney Opera House and the CBD are magnificent. In addition, it also has an up-close view of the side and underneath of the bridge.

The Kirribilli Loop

They rode under the north side of the bridge and continued on their tour. The underside of the northern end of the SHB – Sydney Harbour Bridge – is very interesting. The Kirribilli Loop was finished by riding past Luna Park and the North Sydney Olympic Pool.

Blues Point Reserve

After there, they rode to Blues Point Reserve. Here is another area where the views across Sydney Harbour towards the Sydney Opera House and the CBD are magnificent. Also, there is a lovely view of Luna Park. Blues Point is a harbourside locality of North Sydney, Australia. Named after local mariner Billy Blue in the 19th century, Blues Point is at the very southern tip of the McMahons Point peninsula and has views of Sydney Harbour.

Mrs Macquaries Point

Then it was back over the Sydney Harbour Bridge to Mrs Macquaries Point. From here, there are wonderful views west across Sydney Harbour to the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

I have looked up the history. Mrs Macquaries Point is a peninsula which was named in 1810 after Elizabeth, Governor Macquarie’s wife, who ordered a seat to be chiselled into the rock from which she could view the harbour. Mrs Macquaries Chair, as it’s also known, is still there today. It’s in the Domain but is effectively an extension of the Botanic Gardens.

However, time was almost up so our Harley riders headed back to the Rocks to drop the passengers off.

The Sydney Harbour Harley Tour was a huge success. How could it not be with our fun and professional riders, fabulous Harleys, beautiful city and iconic bridge!

The terms Pommy, Pommie and Pom, in Australia, South Africa and New Zealand usually denotes an English person (or, less commonly, people from other parts of the UK). The Oxford Dictionary defines their use as “often derogatory” but after complaints to the Australian Advertising Standards Board regarding five advertisements poking fun at “Poms”, the board ruled in 2006 that these words are inoffensive, in part because they are “largely used in playful or affectionate terms.” Which is so true.