Sitara 10.03.20 – Harley tour western Sydney

The Harley tour western Sydney was organised by our passenger. She had always wanted a ride on a Harley, we were happy to make her wish come true.

Our Harley rider Syl, picked her up from home in the western suburbs of Sydney. Sitara didn’t mind where she went, she just wanted to experience the freedom of being on a Harley. We agree, it is rather fun without the roof and four walls surrounding you.

Sydney’s western suburbs

Syl knows the western suburbs well, so he took her on an interesting tour. Firstly, he rode to the lovely Prospect Reservoir. They stopped for photos with the lovely view behind her. Then he hit the M4 Western Motorway and rode to St Marys. Next, he rode around the area and then back onto the freeway.

However, time was up so Syl headed back and dropped Sitara at her home. In conclusion, our passenger loved Harley tour western Sydney, a tick on her list of experiences!

The Prospect Reservoir

The Prospect Reservoir is a heritage-listed 50,200-megalitre (1,770×106 cu ft) potablewater supply and storage reservoir created by the Prospect Dam.

M4 Motorway

The M4 Motorway is a 51.5-kilometre-long (32.0 mi) dual carriageway motorway that is designated with the M4 route. The M4 designation is part of the wider A4 and M4 route designation. It runs parallel to the Great Western Highway and Parramatta Road.

The M4 route number comprises two connected parts:

  • The original section was completed between 1971 and 1993 is titled M4 Western Motorway, formerly known as F4 Western Freeway. It spans between Concord in the east, to Glenbrook in west, where it continues as the Great Western Highway as the A32. The section between Church Street in Parramatta and Concord was widened as the first stage of WestConnex, and is tolled as part of WestConnex.
  • An eastern tunnel extension of the M4 to Haberfield, known as M4 East, was completed as the second stage of WestConnex and opened to traffic on 13 July 2019. The whole of this section is tolled as part of WestConnex.