89 years young trike ride – Whittaker Family 13.03.21

89 years young trike ride around the block! How good is that! Henry rang us to inquire about a ride for his Mum. She is turning 89 and loves motorbikes but hasn’t been on one for decades. The family thought it would be a great idea to organise a trike ride for her. They were happy to go on it with her. It was a great birthday present, they all loved the whole experience.

So, our trike rider Steve met the family at the nursing home Mum is in. They took it in turns to go on a ride with her. Steve took them around the block, a large block. ? There isn’t much to write about as they rode around the large block many times. However, it didn’t matter, they all loved their turn. It doesn’t matter what age or what stage you are at, our trike rides and tours are for everyone.

In conclusion, the 89 years young trike ride was a huge success.

Recent history

Our pick up was in the suburb of Greenacre. This area was previously known as East Bankstown. When the first road went through the area, an acre of land was cleared for cultivation. The contrast to its surrounding area led to it being referred to as the ‘Green Acre’. In 1909, Greenacre Park Estate became one of the first subdivisions in the area. Michael Ryan operated an inn called the Harp of Ould Erin on land he owned to the north of Liverpool Road. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greenacre,_New_South_Wales


Radiocarbon dating suggests human activity occurred in the Sydney metropolitan area from around 30,000 years ago. The Darug people lived in the area that was greater western Sydney before European settlement regarded the region as rich in food from the river and forests. Parramatta was founded in 1788, the same year as Sydney, making it the second oldest city in Australia. Opened in 1811, Parramatta Road, which navigates into the heart of greater western Sydney, is one of Sydney’s oldest roads and Australia’s first highway between two cities – Sydney CBD and Parramatta, which is now the sixth largest business district in Australia. Rapid population increase after World War II saw the settlement of many ex-service men and migrants in the greater west, making it one of the most urbanised regions in the country and an area of growing national importance.


Being the third largest economy in Australia, behind Sydney CBD and Melbourne, the region covers 5,800 square kilometres (2,200 sq mi) and is one of the fastest growing populations in Australia, with an estimated resident population as at 2017 of 2,288,554. Western Sydney has the most multicultural suburbs in the country with 38% of the population speaking a language other than English at home, and up to 90% in some suburbs. Containing about 9% of Australia’s population and 44% of Sydney’s population, the people of GWS are predominantly of a working class background, with major employment in the heavy industries and vocational trade