mini disability trike rides – ADventure Out 26.05.21

Mini disability trike rides are fantastic for those who can’t sit on a motorcycle for too long. Many people with a disability can sit for a long time but many can’t. ADventure Out has chosen us for many years, as their provider for some fun for their clients. We have been doing rides for ADventure Out (the AD stands for Accessible Disability) for years. The passengers just love it.

The passengers absolutely love being on the trike, they really do ‘Feel the Freedom’. It’s a change of routine where they don’t need to think about life for a while.

Centennial Park

The last few years we have met at Centennial Park. ADventure Out brings their people in a bus, our rider meets them at a prearranged place in the park. It’s a big park so it makes it easier to know where to meet. The ADventure Out staff had contacted the rangers at Centennial Park so they knew what was going on.

For 3 hours, Steve took the passengers on the mini disability trike rides around Centennial Park. The passengers didn’t want the mini disability trike rides to end, they were having so much fun. In conclusion, we love watching their smiles light up their faces.

Originally a swamp and then set aside as land for the water source for Sydney, Centennial Park was reconstructed as a public park and opened in 1888. Sir Henry Parkes’ vision was to create a ‘People’s Park’ in which the citizens of Sydney could ‘take in the air’ away from the Sydney town centre.

While the first set of Parklands’ regulations in 1889 included: ‘No person shall walk on the grass…’ and ‘No person shall engage in any game, or train for any race…’ the Parklands have come a long way to becoming one of the most popularly visited and vibrant green spaces in Australia. Centennial Park is a living park, it has lots of things to do and see. Or just go for a picnic or bbq. Or do a trike tour!

Mini disability trike rides. Centennial Park, Sydney.
mini disability trike rides – ADventure Out 26.05.21