northern peninsula trike tour – Mary + Osman 01.06.21

Mary + Osman were having a break away from normal routine. They were staying at Pasadena Sydney Hotel, Church Point. Mary wanted it to be a surprise and it was. A fabulous one. Being so far up on the northern beaches, the northern peninsula trike tour was the best one to organise. It is a ‘design your own tour’ though Mary just said she liked to go to Palm Beach. So, we organised the itinerary to see Palm Beach and the whole area.


Craig our trike rider, though he does ride Harleys as well, met them at their accommodation. Firstly, Craig took them around Pittwater. It is such a pretty area with lots of water views and expensive boats. There is an abundance of sailing boats, trees, water and a relaxed atmosphere.

Next, they turned right and headed up the hill to get a photo overlooking Narrabeen. Continuing up the peninsula, they rode past many of the beautiful beaches. It is our most favourite part of Sydney. So far, the northern peninsula trike tour was so much fun and showing them places away from the crowds.

“Home and Away”

Then the tour went via Bilgola Plateau, Clareville, Careel Bay and Avalon before reaching Whale Beach. Between Whale Beach and Palm Beach is the Palm Beach Bible Garden. It has spectacular views over Palm Beach. After a stop, a stretch and a look at the view, they headed to Palm Beach. It is the home of the long running TV series “Home and Away”.

However, the 2 hours was almost up so Craig headed back down south and then west. He dropped them back at their hotel so they continue enjoying their time away. In conclusion, the northern peninsula trike tour was a huge success. They saw so many new places they didn’t even know existed!

A northern peninsula trike tour, north of Sydney. It took in Palm Beach, Whale Beach and Pittwater.
northern peninsula trike tour – Mary + Osman 01.06.21