Northern Sydney trike tour – Michelle + Rebecca 11.06.21

It was Michelle’s birthday, so she organised the Northern Sydney trike tour. Her sister and herself wanted to celebrate the birthday in style. The stayed a night at a hotel in Manly which is where our rider picked them up.

North Head

Firstly, they rode from pick up to North Head. The views from here are breath taking looking across Sydney Harbour to the city. Next, they drove past the Big Brother house. The Big Brother eye is not on it as the show is not live. However, people who watch the show know the look of the house.

Manly, Queenscliff, Curl Curl and Narrabeen Lakes

Next, they rode along the coast road, past Manly Beach to Queenscliff Beach. Following the coast they rode to the lovely beach of Curl Curl. So far, the Northern Sydney trike tour was a fun experience. However, this was the halfway mark so the rider headed back to Manly. They rode back a different way. It was around part of the lovely Narrabeen Lakes to Mona Vale.

Wakehurst Parkway

Along the Wakehurst Parkway and back to Manly. We love the Wakehurst Parkway because the legal speed is faster than most Sydney limits. Also, it is a haunted road!! Not that we have seen any ghosts.

In conclusion, the Northern Sydney trike tour was a huge success. A great way to celebrate a birthday.

Wakehurst Parkway Sydney: Australia’s most haunted road

The ghost, known as ‘Kelly’, has reputedly terrified motorists over the past five decades. Rumours that circulated among locals on Sydney’s northern beaches had suggested it might be linked to a woman killed in a car accident. But now a new theory has emerged from accounts gathered.Those who have claimed to have seen ‘Kelly’ say she appears on or beside the 16km long road late at night and then disappears when motorists swerve to avoid her or look back to check… only to see nothing.