Old Pacific Hwy thank you tour – Rhonda + Werner 10.12.21

Rhonda was one of our first customers 15 years ago. She had such a great time that she has been waiting for a special occasion to do it again. Her friend Werner has helped her with a lot of stuff so Rhonda wanted to thank him. So we organised the Old Pacific Hwy thank you tour for her.

Our trike rider Scott picked them up in the northern suburb of Hornsby. They rode on the Old Pacific Highway to Mt White. Here they stopped at Rest Park, Brooklyn for photos and a stretch. So far, the Old Pacific Hwy thank you tour was as good, if not better, than Rhonda remembered. Then it was back along the Old Pacific Highway to Pie in the Sky. After a quick lunch break, they rode back to the drop off place in Hornsby.

Rhonda rang later to say what a wonderful time they had. She is going to book another tour for her big birthday, coming up next year. The Old Pacific Hwy thank you tour was a huge success!

Old Pacific Highway

Colloquially known as the ‘Old Pac’, the Pacific Highway, it weaves perpetually to the left and right of its replacement. The Pacific Motorway has long been a popular destination for those of us who enjoy open, flowing bends — especially due to its close proximity to the big smoke.

Pie in the Sky

Pie in the Sky has not always been the well-known refreshment stop it is today. It started out as a railway canteen for the fettlers as they worked on the northern train line, which has been so important in the development of this northern part of Hornsby Shire. In fact, the land is still owned by Rail Corp. and a railway tunnel goes right under it. Once the need for a railway canteen was no longer there, the spot became the site of a Mobil petrol station. There are many memories of motorists in the 40’s stopping for petrol or water after car engines had boiled climbing up the steep gradient from Brooklyn.