Southern Spectacular tours – Bronwyn + Christine 14.01.22

Christine organised the Southern Spectacular tours as a birthday present to herself. It’s been a long while since she has been on a motorcycle so she was eager for the experience. Her daughter Bronwyn came with her.

Bald Hill lookout

Our trike rider Barry, picked them up from Bald Hill lookout. Excellent views are to be seen and the area is also internationally known as a major hang-gliding point. The passengers live in the Campbelltown area so drove here to meet Barry.

Royal National Park

Firstly, they rode through some of the Royal National Park. The Royal National Park was established in 1879 and spans 160 square kilometres. As Australia’s first National Park and after Yellowstone in the U.S.A. it was the second National Park in the world to be established.

Sublime Point lookout

Next, they rode to Sublime Point lookout, it is a feature of the Illawarra Escarpment. Illawarra Escarpment is a dramatic 30 million-years-old formation which frames Woollongong. Woollongong being a large city 1.5 hours drive south of Sydney.

Austinmer Beach

After looking at the stunning view, they rode down to Austinmer Beach. Austinmer Beach is one of Wollongong’s most popular beaches. It’s a relatively small beach by Australian standards. Wedged between two low headlands and their extensive rock platforms, it receives waves averaging 1.4 metres. This results in two strong permanent rips against the rocks at each end. So far, the Southern spectacular tours was just that, spectacular!

Sea Cliff Bridge

One of the main attractions of this tour and of the area, is the Sea Cliff Bridge. The road used to have some scary moments. The potential of falling debris or subsidence into the sea made it necessary to close the road, but all is well again. The impressive 665 metre Sea Cliff Bridge is now in operation, snaking its way around the cliffs and over the water, offering a far safer but spectacular route.


Riding north, they rode up to Otford, a tiny village of 370 people. Otford was first known as Bulgo. The name Bulgo was first marked on Robert Dixon’s ‘Map of the Colony of New South Wales’ in 1842 and the name was in use for some time after. When the construction of the Illawarra (now officially South Coast Line) line was taking place a village formed in 1885, with four houses. Not sure why, but the name was changed to Otford in May 1885.

However, the hour was up so Barry drove them back to their car at Bald Hill lookout. In conclusion, they loved their adapted Southern spectacular tours. Christine had text saying she had such a great time Barry drove them back to their car at Bald Hill lookout. In conclusion, they loved their adapted Southern spectacular tours even before Barry arrived back home.