Explore Sydney trike tours – Michael + Mirren 12.02.22

The Explore Sydney trike tours testimonial:

Hi Katrina,
Our ride was great. Syl was awesome, letting us know heaps about the areas we visited and some good stories to go along with it!
Your trike tours are just so much fun, not just for us – we got heaps thumbs up, grins and waves along the way ?.
Feel free to pop a photo up, more than happy to share the joy!
Thanks heaps and we will see you again on our next trip!!

Michael and Mirren

Michael + Mirren did a trike tour with us in 2020. They would have done one again last year but covid got in the way. They booked the explore Sydney trike tours this time. Last time they did the North Shore Skimmer, tour. From out of Sydney, they come for a holiday and a change of scenery. We certainly can give them that! This tour explored the eastern suburbs of Sydney which they had never been to. Our trike rider Syl, picked them up from their accommodation in Sydney city.

Mrs Macquarie’s Point

Firstly, they rode through our fine city, past the Royal Botanical Gardens to Mrs Macquarie’s Point. Here they stopped for photos. It has beautiful views looking west towards the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. They rode past Mrs Macquarie’s Chair. Mrs Macquarie’s Chair is an exposed sandstone rock cut into the shape of a bench, on a peninsula in Sydney Harbour. It was hand carved by convicts in 1810, for Elizabeth Macquarie, the wife of Major-General Lachlan Macquarie, Governor of NSW.

Woolloomoolloo and Kings Cross

Stopping at Harry’s Cafe De Wheels for a look is always interesting. Lots of celebrities have been there and had their photos taken.

Continuing on, they rode through the inner eastern suburb of Woolloomoolloo and past the famous Harry Cafe De Wheels. Harry’s Café de Wheels has been serving customers for over 80 years. They make delicious pies, hotdogs and more. Next they rode through the infamous Kings Cross, though it has calmed down a lot since it’s heyday – home of the famous and huge Coca Cola sign. Kings Cross is also home to nightclubs and ladies of the night though it is not nearly as raunchy as it was in the 1970s (apparently).

Then it was through the eastern suburbs of Sydney, including the Bays: Rose Bay, Double Bay and Rushcutters Bay. The riders usually stop at either North Bondi or Bondi Beach for photos.

Bondi Beach, Tamarama and Bronte

Next, it was fun riding past the famous Bondi Beach. In this area, onlookers always seem to wave. They stopped at the famous Bondi Beach for photos, when in Sydney it is one of the places you should visit. The beach is seriously nice (but not our favourite) and we usually stop near the lifeguard station, made famous by the TV series “Bondi Rescue”. Bondi Beach is one of the most visited tourist sites in Australia. Bondi Beach is recorded by the Australian Museum that Bondi means place where a fight using boondi sticks (nullas nullas or fighting sticks) took place. So far, and the whole way, the explore Sydney trike tours was a huge success.

Then, they rode past more of the lovely eastern beaches – Tamarama and Bronte. Tamarama is an eastern beachside suburb of Sydney, in NSW. It is affectionately nicknamed Glamarama (or Glamourama), as it is a beach where wannabe trend setters come to sunbathe and swim or simply try to be seen. ?

Watsons Bay and The Gap

Finally, they rode to “The Gap” and stopped for photos. The view towards North Head and out to the South Pacific Ocean. However, the hour was up so they rode to the drop off at Watsons Bay. From there, they could have a bite to eat and catch the ferry back into the city. Watsons Bay sits on the end of the South Head peninsula. In conclusion, the explore Sydney trike tours was a great way to see the city and eastern suburbs in all its beauty.