birthday Blue Mountains Harley – Tansy + Friends 04.05.22

Tansy was given the birthday Blue Mountains Harley tour as a gift. A friend decided to come with her on the Harley tour. Afterwards they were going to meet up with more friends for lunch. When the other friends heard about it, they wanted to come along as well. So, we organised 4 Harleys for Tansy, Cherie, Elaine + Leslie to meet them in Katoomba and take them on a 2 hour tour of the Blue Mountains. There is so much to see up here. Before we had the chance to send a follow up email, Tansy wrote:

“Hi Katrina, 
I just want to reach out and say we had an amazing day. Thank you so much. 

Dream come true and ticketed off the bucket list for me. It was a perfect day and the guys were amazing and took really good care of us. Showed us different side of the blue mountains. We will be coming again. 

thank you thank you again. 


Our Harley riders have a lot of experience riding around the Blue Mountains, so it is guaranteed you will see some beautiful views.

Lincoln Rock

Firstly, they rode to Lincoln Rock, it is an incredible lookout. As well as the all-encompassing views of Jamison Valley, which change colour throughout the day as the sun and clouds move overhead, the drawcard of Lincoln’s Rock is the impressive optical-illusion photo you can get as a memento, which makes it appear as though you’re sitting literally on the edge of a cliff. In truth you are, except that there’s a fairly safe ledge just below that would stop you from falling very far.


Next it was through Leura. Leura is arguably the prettiest village in the Blue Mountains. The gardens of Leura are famous for their magnificent displays of flowers.

The Three Sisters

Following the road from Leura, you end up at the Three Sisters, Katoomba. The Three Sisters is essentially an unusual rock formation representing three sisters who according to Aboriginal legend, were turned to stone. Each of the Three Sisters stand at 922, 918 & 906 metres tall, respectively. That’s over 3000 feet above sea level! So far, the birthday Blue Mountains Harley tour is very interesting and a lot of fun.

Govetts Leap

Visit Govetts Leap you’ll know why it’s one of the most famous lookouts in Australia. The magnificent waterfall drops a whopping 180m to the base of the cliff, and if you’re not mesmerised by the dancing waves of water spray you’ll be transfixed by the sweeping views down the valley to the Grose Wilderness.

Mount Victoria

The westernmost village in the Blue Mountains, Mount Victoria is brimming with historic charm and natural attractions. Originally a stockade for convict chain-gangs, and later an important staging post for Cobb & Co coaches, the town became known as Mount Victoria in the 1860s when the railway came to town.

However, the 2 hour tour was almost over. So, our riders dropped our passengers at the prearranged drop off point. In conclusion, the birthday Blue Mountains Harley tour was a lot of fun, a success, something they are all so happy they experienced.

The birthday Blue Mountains Harley tour was fabulous fun. Located 1.5 hours west of Sydney, it is a beautiful area.
birthday Blue Mountains Harley tour – Tansy, Cherie, Elaine + Leslie 04.05.22