southern birthday trike tour – Darren + John 11.03.23

The southern birthday trike tour was organised by Darren’s parents. Our trike rider picked Darren and his Dad up from their home in Helensburgh (55 km south of Sydney) and took them south on a tour.


Hi Katrina, 

They had a fantastic ride and Brian was great, they loved every minute of it and said they would do it again, thank you for everything.  I have posted on your Facebook page.

I will certainly be recommending your rides. The photo is great.

Best wishes

Firstly, they rode south down the Princes Highway to Scarborough. A great way to clear the cobwebs!

Sea Cliff Bridge

After there, they turned and headed north. One of the main attractions of this tour and of the area, is the Sea Cliff Bridge. The road used to have some scary moments. The potential of falling debris or subsidence into the sea made it necessary to close the road, but all is well again. The impressive 665 metre Sea Cliff Bridge is now in operation, snaking its way around the cliffs and over the water, offering a far safer but spectacular route.

Bald Hill lookout – Stanwell Tops

Famously well known, Stanwell Tops is known for its beautiful coastal, escarpment and cliff views. The hills that rise sharply from the coast to the escarpment with strong air currents make Stanwell Tops a prime spot for hang gliding and paragliding. It is the perfect spot to take a photo and admire the views of the ocean, the escarpment and the Sea Cliff Bridge. So far, on the southern birthday trike tour, they have seen some great views.

Otford Lookout

They rode further north to the Otford Lookout. It has lovely views over the South Pacific Ocean and is worth a visit.

However, the hour was almost up so Brian headed back to Helensburgh and the passengers home. In conclusion, the southern birthday trike tour was a lot of fun and a memorable experience.