Blue Mountains Harley ride – Colleen 20.05.23

The Blue Mountains Harley ride was a gift from Colleen’s father who lives in England. He also rides Harleys & wanted his daughter to experience the thrill of being on a Harley. Out Harley rider Ron, picked her up from the famous Hydro Majestic.

The Hydro Majestic

The Hydro Majestic is approx 110kms west of Sydney. Mark Foy built it and always a hypochondriac, he came to believe that all diseases could be cured by bathing in cold water. In 1904, he put most of his money into building a hydropathic treatment centre in Medlow Bath. Referred to as ‘Foy’s Folly’, it became known as the Hydro Majestic hotel. If you like history, there is a lot of interesting info about Mark and his ‘Folly’.

They rode south on the Great Western Highway towards Katoomba.

Great Western Highway

The Great Western Highway is a 202-kilometre-long (126 mile) state highway. From east to west, the highway links Sydney with Bathurst, on the state’s Central Tablelands. It’s a great road to get on the Harley and ride! So, our rider rode down the highway toward Katoomba through the winding bends, giving the passenger a good feel of what riding is all about.


Katoomba is the most visited town in the Blue Mountains. It wasn’t until 1879 that the town of Katoomba became known when J.B. North opened the Katoomba Coal Mine. Coal was obtained from the side of the mountain near Orphan Rock using a cable car to bring the coal to the top. The now famous Scenic Railway operates in the original cutting in the mountain side.

This area is famous for the 3 Sisters. The Three Sisters is essentially an unusual rock formation representing three sisters who according to Aboriginal legend were turned to stone.

3 Sisters at Eagle Hawk Lookout and Narrow Neck Lookout

After that, it was to a spectacular view of the 3 sisters as seen from Eagle Hawk Lookout. Next, they rode past Narrow Neck Lookout for a quick look down into the Megalong Valley. So far, the Blue Mountains Harley ride has shown Colleen some beautiful sights.

Leura Village

Next, they went into the garden village of Leura, showing the autumn trees with the leaves turning reds & yellows. What a great time of year to see this. Leura is arguably the prettiest village in the Blue Mountains. It’s has character-filled heritage homes, glorious cool climate gardens and a National Trust-classified town centre lined with cherry trees that sends Instagrammers into a frenzy during blossom season.

Megalong Valley

Then it was to a lookout to see the beautiful Megalong Valley. The name Megalong Valley is said to be derived from an Aboriginal word thought to mean ‘Valley Under The Rock’, Megalong Valley is Gundungurra country. The first record of a European coming to the valley was of Thomas Jones, a natural history specimen collector, who followed the course of Coxs River from in 1818. The first land was taken up by settlers in 1838.

Wentworth Falls Lake and Lincolns rock.

Back on to the highway & past Wentworth Falls Lake, where there is yet another beautiful view of part of the Blue Mountains. A few kms down the highway they turned off to Lincolns rock. It’s a popular cliff-edge overlook offering sweeping vistas of the Blue Mountains & forested valleys below.

However, the 2 hours was almost up so Ron dropped Colleen back at the Hydro Majestic. In conclusion, the Blue Mountains Harley ride was so fun and memorable. Feel the Freedom!