Harley surprise birthday tour – Jeff + John 22.07.23

The Harley surprise birthday tour was organised by Jeff for his mate’s 70th birthday. It was a a fabulous birthday present “We both enjoyed it very much. Phil and Pat were great.”

Our two Harley riders picked them up from a place in Palm Beach. They explored one of our favourite areas in Sydney.

Palm Beach

Palm Beach, or ‘Palmy’ as it’s called by locals, lies at the end of a long peninsula, fringed by surf on one side and tranquil Pittwater on the other. It is also called Summer Bay in the soapie “Home & Away” and curves 2.3km, from Little Head to Barrenjoey Head, Sydney’s northernmost seaside point.

Whale Beach

Firstly, they rode to Whale Beach. Between Whale Beach and Palm Beach is the Palm Beach Bible Garden. It has spectacular views over Palm Beach. Whale Beach is 600 metres long, east-facing beach bordered by 40 metres high Little and Careel Heads which has a great lookout. Another spectacular beach.

Avalon Beach

This leads into Avalon. Over the last decade or so Avalon has become the favoured “sea-change” destination for Sydney-siders looking to adopt the surfer lifestyle. Avalon was named after the mythical Avalon, a legendary island in Celtic languages mythology. According to legends, Avalon was an earthly paradise and the final resting place of King Arthur.
(My, Kat’s, favourite beach when growing up, with its reddish golden sands).

Bilgola Beach

Bilgola Beach was next. It is a surf beach that is 500m long, faces south east and is bordered by a high headland. The name “Bilgola” is derived from an Aboriginal term Belgoula meaning “swirling waters”, or perhaps “a pretty beach with steep slopes, studded with cabbage palms”. The word Belgoula was noted in Surveyor James Meehan’s records of 1814. Robert Henderson received a grant of 100 acres (0.40 km2) in 1822 which he named “Belgoola”. The district eventually adopted the simplified name “Bilgola”.

Newport Beach

Newport Beach (this is the home beach of three times world surfing champion, Tom Carroll). So far, the Harley surprise birthday tour was fun and enjoyable.

Bungan Beach

Bungan Beach is yet another surf beach which at 600m long is quite short.

Mona Vale

Mona Vale is effectively two separate beaches separated by a broad ocean rock platform. The main beach is one kilometres long, is very beautiful and great for walking – or riding past.

However, half an hour was up so they turned around and headed back to the drop off at Palm Beach. But they went back via the west side of Barrenjoey Peninsula.


In the 1830s, two large land grants were made to a Catholic priest, Father John Joseph Therry (1790–1864), who had arrived in Sydney in May 1820. The grant included what is now known as Clareville. It is thought that the suburb has historically been accessed by the water. In the early 1920s, the area was subdivided and Sydney residents purchased holiday homes. In the 1950s, with the increase in motor car use, the area became a residential zone. Houses in the area are now expensive, with many having water frontages and views.

Then it was back to the drop off point where their wives were waiting. In conclusion, the Harley surprise birthday tour was the best birthday present ever! So much fun, a memorable experience.

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