90th birthday trike transfer – Ben, Fred, Harry 19.08.23

The surprise 90th birthday trike transfer was a fun way to take the birthday boy Fred, and the others, to his party! It was a surprise for Fred and he loved it so much. The day made Fred dream of his Indian motorcycle days, 40 years ago.

Our trike rider Fred, picked the passengers up from a home in Bilgola Plateau, around 40kms north of Sydney city.

Bilgola Plateau

The plateau was previously named Mount Loftus, after governor of NSW Lord Augustus Loftus. Given its modest elevation, designating it as a plateau is more appropriate, and is now named for the Aboriginal derived name of Bilgola (derived from the local aboriginal language meaning “swirling water”), likely describing Bilgola Beach to the east. Wikipedia.

Palm Beach

Firstly, they rode 8 km north to Palm Beach. It is one of the most beautiful parts of Sydney. The narrow peninsular is surrounded by water on three sides: Pittwater, the Pacific Ocean, and Broken Bay.

Sometimes, Palm Beach is colloquially referred to as ‘Palmy’; and is used for exterior filming of the soap opera Home and Away, as the fictional town of Summer Bay.

Whale Beach

Between Whale Beach and Palm Beach is the Palm Beach Bible Garden. It has spectacular views over Palm Beach. Whale Beach is a 600 metres long, east-facing beach bordered by 40 metres high Little and Careel heads. Apparently, Whale Beach was named following a whale beaching. Makes sense 😆.


Next, they rode to Newport. The Newport Locality was occupied by farming settlements from the early 1800s, and was a port for coastal steamers in the latter part of the nineteenth century. The famous Newport Hotel was built in 1880 and attracted visitors from Manly by coach and Sydney by steamer.

Bilgola Beach

Bilgola is stated by some to be named after an Aboriginal word meaning “swirling waters” . First mapped by Government Surveyor James Meehan, the word ‘Belgoula’ was noted in his records of 1814. There is a long list of people who have drowned in the undertows and rips off this beach prior to the formation of a Surf Club in 1949. The photo was taken here. So far, the surprise 90th birthday trike transfer is fun, scenic and worth turning 90 for! 😆

Bungan Beach

Then they travelled south to Bungan Beach. Another scenic beach with red/orange sand.

Narrabeen Lagoon

They rode via Narrabeen Lagoon (also referred to as Narrabeen Lake) to the drop off point. It is Sydney’s Northern Beaches largest estuary system located just behind the world famous surfing beach at Narrabeen. It is a haven for wildlife.


Narrabeen is a beachside suburb of northern Sydney. 23 km northeast of the CBD, it’s well known by most Sydneysiders. North Narrabeen Beach is famous among surfers for its consistent surf breaks. In 2021 it hosted the World Surf League Championships, attracting the best surfers all over the globe.

However, they have reached their drop off point at Narrabeen, So Fred dropped Fred and the others at the party place! What a way to celebrate turning 90! In conclusion, the surprise 90th birthday trike transfer was a huge success. Party on and ‘Feel the Freedom’!

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