Father’s Day Harley Davidson – Greg 02.09.23

The Father’s Day Harley Davidson ride was organised by his son. It was a big surprise for Greg when our Harley rider turned up. Greg used to ride motorcycles so Luke thought it was a great idea to give him a ride for Father’s Day. It sure was! The pick up was in Parramatta so they went for a ride around the area.


Radiocarbon dating suggests human activity occurred in Parramatta from around 30,000 years ago. The Darug people who lived in the area before European settlement regarded the area as rich in food from the river and forests. They named the area Baramada or Burramatta (‘Parramatta’) which means Eel (“Burra”) Place (“matta”). European settlement: Parramatta was founded in 1788, the same year as Sydney. As such, Parramatta is the second oldest city in Australia, being only 10 months younger than Sydney.


Firstly, they rode through Blacktown and out to the Atura Hotel Prospect. One of the oldest suburbs in Sydney, Prospect takes its name from the prominent nearby landmark of Prospect Hill – from the top of which people could get a prospect of (see a great distance) the surrounding countryside. So far, the Father’s Day Harley Davidson ride was a fun experience.

Next, they headed to the Prospect Reservoir. It is a heritage-listed 50,200-megalitre potable water supply and storage reservoir created by the Prospect Dam, across the Prospect Creek. Unfortunately, road works prevented them from entering the Reservoir grounds.

Parramatta Park

Continuing on, they rode along the Great Western Highway to a more placid ride around Parramatta Park. 160 years old (as a People’s Park), this is a great place to picnic, celebrate family milestones, get active, explore our history or attend one of the many events and festivals.

It’s also a great place for a Harley meander (is there such a thing 😆?).

However, the hour was almost up so our Harley rider rode Greg back home. In conclusion, the Father’s Day Harley Davidson ride was a huge success.

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