Blue Mountains Harley Davidson – Karen 14.10.23

The Blue Mountains Harley Davidson tour was a bucket list item for Karen. Our rider picked her up from home in Wentworth Falls.

Wentworth Falls

In 1836, Charles Darwin visited this area, describing the terraced Wentworth Falls as “exceedingly worth visiting” and marvelling at the “grand bay of gulf… thickly covered with forest” below.

Great Western Highway

Firstly, they rode along the Great Western Highway which is a 202-kilometre-long (126 mile) state highway. From east to west, the highway links Sydney with Bathurst, on the state’s Central Tablelands. It’s a great road to get on the Harley and ride! So, our rider rode up the highway toward Katoomba through the winding bends at Linden & Bulls camp, giving Karen a good feel of what riding is all about.

Leura Village

Next, they went into the garden village of Leura, showing the autumn trees with the leaves turning reds & yellows. What a great time of year to see this. Leura is arguably the prettiest village in the Blue Mountains. It’s has character-filled heritage homes, glorious cool climate gardens and a National Trust-classified town centre lined with cherry trees that sends Instagrammers into a frenzy during blossom season.

3 Sisters at Eagle Hawk Lookout and Narrow Neck Lookout

After that, it was to a spectacular view of the 3 sisters as seen from Eagle Hawk Lookout. After that, they rode past Narrow Neck Lookout for a quick look down into the Megalong Valley. So far, the Blue Mountains Harley Davidson tour has shown the passenger some beautiful sights.


Next, they rode through Blackheath. It is a beautiful village with a bohemian soul, surrounded by some of the most spectacular wilderness and jaw-dropping lookouts in the Blue Mountains, including:

Govetts Leap

Visit Govetts Leap you’ll know why it’s one of the most famous lookouts in Australia. The magnificent waterfall drops a whopping 180m to the base of the cliff, and if you’re not mesmerised by the dancing waves of water spray you’ll be transfixed by the sweeping views down the valley to the Grose Valley Wilderness.

Little Hartley

Then it was along the long the Great Western Highway to Little Hartley. It is a small village 150 kilometres west of Sydney. It’s like entering the 1830s. In the 1860s mining commenced in the area and the ore was carried by horse and cart to the nearby railway and then on to Sydney for refining. Operating today in Hartley Vale is the historic Comet Inn built in 1879. Comet was the brand of Kerosene produced in the valley. The Comet Inn is one of the History Highway Inns.

However the 2 hours, which always goes so quickly, was almost up. Our Harley rider rode Karen back to her home. In conclusion, on the Blue Mountains Harley Davidson tour, our passenger saw some beautiful sights and experienced a fun and memorable time. Feel the Freedom!

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