Hens Party trike transfer – Family fun 21.01.24

The Hens Party trike transfer, which also included one Harley Davidson, was organised by the Hen’s Aunt. Sue wrote, “We are a group of her aunties and cousins and trying to make is super special as there was a tragedy during Covid ☹”

So we organised 4 trikes and 1 Harley to transfer 9 people from their hotel to lunch at Coogee. They had a great time, it really was a fun way to kick off the celebrations. Our trike and Harley riders picked them up from their hotel in the CBD.

Hyde Park

Firstly, they rode along side top of Hyde Park. It is 16.2 hectares and contains well-kept gardens and approximately 580 trees: a mixture of figs, conifers, palms, and other varieties. It is famed for its magnificent fig tree lined avenues.

St Mary’s Cathedral

Secondly, they rode through the city and past St Mary’s Cathedral which is very impressive, even when riding past. It’s a Gothic Revival architectural building which opened in 1928. It took from 1866 to 1928 to build and has a height of 75m.


Next, they rode through the city and past the Domain. The Domain is a heritage-listed 34-hectare (84-acre) area of open space located on the eastern fringe of the Sydney CBD.

Woolloomooloo, Harry’s and Garden Island

The inner eastern suburb of Woolloomoolloo has the famous Harry Cafe De Wheels. Harry’s Café de Wheels has been serving customers for over 80 years. They make delicious pies, hotdogs and more. Lots of interesting photos are on the walls, mostly of famous celebrities who have visited over the years. They rode past Garden Island and up the hill through Potts Point.

Kings Cross

Continuing on, they rode through the infamous Kings Cross, though it has calmed down a lot since it’s heyday – home of the famous and huge Coca Cola sign. Kings Cross is also home to nightclubs and ladies of the night though it is not nearly as raunchy as it was in the 1970s (apparently). Already, the Hens Party trike transfer was fun and informative.

Eastern suburbs

Further on, they headed east through the posh suburbs of the eastern suburbs of Sydney, including the Bays: Rose Bay, Double Bay and Rushcutters Bay. Then they turned south.

Centennial Park

We had organised 2 bottles of Moet before the ride. Our riders stopped here so the Hen’s Party could stop to toast the bride-to-be.

Centennial Park is a lovely experience, to ride through and to stop for a short break. Make sure Fred tells you the story about the eels that live here.

120 fields and venues, and 35+ different sports played in the Centennial Parklands. It is the largest community sports precinct in Australia! The history is also interesting: “Originally a swamp and then set aside as land for the water source for Sydney. Centennial Park was reconstructed as a public park and opened in 1888. Sir Henry Parkes’ vision was to create a ‘People’s Park’ in which the citizens of Sydney could ‘take in the air’ away from the Sydney town centre.”


Finally, they rode to both the south and north end of Coogee Beach. At the southern end is Wylies baths (open 365 days a year), as well as McIver’s Baths, which is the only remaining female-only ocean pool in Australia (dating back to 1886).

😆 The name Coogee is derived from the Aboriginal word ‘koojah’ which means ‘bad smell’ or a ‘stinking place’.

However, the hour was up so they were dropped off at a restaurant. Here, they could continue the special celebration. It’s not often one is a Hen! In conclusion, the Hens Party trike transfer with a Harley Davidson, was a complete success. It was fun, different to the norm and memorable. Feel the Freedom!

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