Jens + Tiffany 13.07.18 – trike ride for Sydney first timers

A trike ride for Sydney first timers Tiffany + Jens was just what they needed to see more sights than usual. They came across from Singapore for a few days R&R. It was Jens first time to Sydney and as they have plans to explore the inner city and eastern beaches later in the week, Brownie took them the opposite direction. They headed to the north side and took advantage of the light traffic due to the school holidays. First stop Blues Point, then McMahons Point, Balmoral Beach, Dobroyd Head before heading back to the hotel. It is marvelous what you can squeeze in when traffic is light.

They had a great experience and saaw so much, Sydney really did show off to them on this beautiful winter day. Do a Harley or trike ride for Sydney first timers, you won’t be disappointed.