Patricia 14.07.18 – Harley tour around 3 Bridges Sydney

Patricia was given a Harley ride present, she is a Sydney local so it was a great choice to let her see and do something different. She and Jungle discussed where to go and she opted for Jungle’s favourite Sydney ride. So she went on the Harley tour around 3 Bridges Sydney. Over the Sydney Harbour Bridge with a stop for photos, then along the inner north and west suburbs and over the Gladesville Bridge. It shows some of the best views of Sydney. Then along Victoria Road before truning of and doing the Bay Run, which follows the water of Iron Cove. Then over the amazing ANZAC Bridge, we still wonder how it holds up!

Patricia didn’t want the ride to end as she loved it so much. She is recommending the ride to everyone she knows. Next time she is going to try the trike for something different yet again.