Stacey 06.05.19 – Harley tour Southern Spectacular

Harley tour Southern Spectacular

Stacey was given a gift voucher for the Harley tour Southern Spectacular. It was for her 50th birthday and it was a very thoughtful and unique present from her brothers. Stacey absolutely loved the whole experience – best birthday present ever!

Syl picked her up from home in the southern suburbs if Sydney. They went on an epic and memorable 4 hour ride.

Firstly they rode through the Royal National Park. It is the oldest National Park in Australia, the second oldest in the world.

Stanwell Tops

They continued on to Bald Hill at Stanwell Tops where there are beautiful views along the coastline and the South Pacific Ocean. A lot of hang gliders use this as their base to jump off, which is interesting to watch. Next they followed the coastline down and across the amazing Sea Cliff Bridge. It is a balanced cantilever bridge and cost $52 million to build.

Kiama Blow Hole

Next stop was the Kiama Blow Hole. It was blowing really well today, lots of water spouting out. Visiting them was well worth it today, the blowholes don’t always blow. We found out they were formed from basalt lava flows 260 million years ago. First written about by George Bass in 1797. The name ‘Kiama’ has long been translated as “where the sea makes a noise” – and nowhere is this clearer than at the famous (and loud) blowholes.


Continuing on, they cruised along until they ended up at a Berry pub for a beer (Stacey) and hot chips. The local Chamber of Commerce named it “The Town of Trees” in 1975 because, towards the end of the last century, the local settlers planted extensive stands of English oaks, elms and beech trees. 144 km south of Sydney via the Princes Highway.

They then headed back to Sydney via the freeway. This way Stacey received a taste of both the coastal meandering and the faster paced road. The 4 hour Harley tour Southern Spectacular is a great way to see the southern area of Sydney.