Saheed 31.08.19 – Fathers Day Harley tour

Fathers Day Harley tour

Saheed’s wife organised a surprise birthday and Fathers Day Harley tour. They were only in Sydney for a short while but it is one birthday he won’t forget. They postponed due to the wet weather but we rescheduled for the next day.

Blues Point

Jungle picked Saheed up from Blues Point. His wife and daughter were there to see him ride away. It is a very scenic area of Sydney with views across Sydney Harbour to the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge.

Some photos were taken before they set off on the 3 Bridges ride. Firstly they rode to Kirribilli. This also has the same views though from a slightly different angle. After that, they ride through some of the lower north shore suburbs into the inner west of Sydney.

Continuing on, they rode down the Pacific Highway and along River Road to the Fig Tree Bridge. They rode under it to have a look at the Lane Cover River. Back onto Burns Bay Road and over the Tarban Creek Bridge and yet another bridge – the Gladesville Bridge.

The Gladesville Bridge

The Gladesville Bridge has wonderful views looking east towards the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the city. Travelling along Victoria Road, a main thoroughfare, they turned off at Drummoyne, to follow part of the Bay Run.

ANZAC Bridge

Following the shoreline of Iron Cove, which is part of the Parramatta River, they saw some lovely water views. It is part of the 7 km long Bay Run. Finally they rode over the fabulous ANZAC Bridge. It is one of our favourites and also great to see without a roof over your head.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

The Anzac Bridge leads either into the city, to the Sydney Fish Markets or straight onto a ‘flyover’ which leads onto the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge. It really is an amazing bridge, make sure you check it out by looking up.

However, time was up so Jungle dropped him back at Blues Point. In conclusion, this was a fantastic semi-surprise Fathers Day Harley tour. A great present and a memorable experience. Don’t forget, we can take you on a trike tour if your aren’t confident about going on a Harley.